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Jackal "Jakkun" Kuwabara
27 August 2006 @ 01:31 am
Let us do our best, partner, and show the world what we have to offer. ;) We are one step closer already.
Jackal "Jakkun" Kuwabara
11 August 2006 @ 10:38 pm
I think Oishi is one of the smartest among us all. Swimming is something everyone should check out with the heat being as it has been this summer. Thank you for coming with me, Marui - we should do that more often with our training.

America soon. I find it funny that Yanagi appears to be splitting us up as best he can with the plane tickets. Or, maybe it is just Yukimura and Sanada who will be on a separate flight. In any case, I am sure it will be an interesting flight.

Hm. It seems as though I forgot to number the past three entries I have made. I should probably go fix that.

I ran into two of the kids from the team at the soccer fields when Marui and I went swimming. They were kicking a soccer ball back and forth and then bullied Marui and I into playing with them for a little bit. After we come back from America, perhaps I will go ahead with the idea I had of allowing the team to form again for the summer. I know I will have at least some kids interested. :)

Hey, Marui. Check out this mood icon. Remind you of something?
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Jackal "Jakkun" Kuwabara
20 July 2006 @ 11:06 pm
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I have been getting in my soccer fix with Teppei, lately, by playing at the Rikkai fields. He seems to be happy that I am spending more time with him. I have new reading material, as well.

Another victory for Marui and I, too. :) It was a fun tournament.

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Jackal "Jakkun" Kuwabara
09 July 2006 @ 02:59 am
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I am still rather bummed about the outcome of the Brazil vs. France match, but I am really proud of my home team - they fought hard and well. :) Good luck next World Cup, Brazil.

Mariana and I have been talking a little more than often over the phone, also. I think she wants to look into possibly coming to stay in Japan for university. She says that she doesn't like having this distance, anymore, and she would like to improve her Japanese. And she says she misses you, Marui.

It is quite a little early for the soccer season, but I have recieved a couple phone calls from parents of the children I coached (and from quite a few of the kids, too), and apparently they are feeling a little impatient about starting up once again. I am going to check with the rec center, but I think it should be possible to have a summer league as long as there are people interested. Apparently, some of the families have also been checking out the tennis tournaments Marui and I have been playing in. I have recieved quite a few "congratulations" from them and have been told to pass them along.

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Jackal "Jakkun" Kuwabara
22 June 2006 @ 11:56 am
Brazil vs. Japan - starting now. :) Good luck to both teams.

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Jackal "Jakkun" Kuwabara
07 June 2006 @ 05:39 pm
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Jackal "Jakkun" Kuwabara
02 June 2006 @ 11:47 pm
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Ready for horseback riding tomorrow, Marui? ☆

How is everyone else?
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Jackal "Jakkun" Kuwabara
28 May 2006 @ 09:24 am
As some of you already knew, Marui and I are going to be in Brazil for the next ten days. The flight was very long, but enjoyable for the most part, with the only exception of the child sitting a few rows back that seemed to be sick, or something.

To all of you I gave the number to our house, here, feel free to call anytime - and if we do not happen to pick up, just leave a message and we will get back to you.

I think that is all. I imagine Marui will be on to make a post sometime soon. :)

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Jackal "Jakkun" Kuwabara
24 May 2006 @ 11:01 pm
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Congratulations again, Niou. It is only a matter of time before Marui discovers where you work. ☆

Akaya, how is your team coming along?

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Jackal "Jakkun" Kuwabara
18 May 2006 @ 08:06 pm
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